3026 State St. 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Flavor of India has been a favorite of Santa Barbara Locals and tourist for over 25 years. Family owned, this lovely award winning restaurant features traditional Indian recipes at its finest in a cozy and friendly restaurant. We use natural herbs and fresh produce and meat to bring to you authentic northern Indian dishes with a exotic flavors and tantalizing aroma. At Flavor of India, dishes are not spicy, but flavorful, we can spice up your taste as you like!


To imagine life in india, one must engage all the senses. Envision the saturated colors of women's saris--blues the ccho peacock feathers, yellows like spicy mustard and reds the color of paprika ---- or the white cotton of men's lungis or teh turbans crowning their cocoa-colored faces. Hear the bustle of the spice market, horns honking on crowded streets or the hushed whoosh of egrets' wings or silence in the temples. Feel the heat of a blazing sun and the smoothness of a buddha's belly. Inhale the aroma of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger steeping in a cup of chai tea and savor the bold seasonings of a meal scooped up in a tortilla-like naan. 

Santa Barbara's Flavor of India is half-a-world away from the seductive country of its namesake, while the only bustling to be heard comes from upper state street and It's unlikely the customers will sight an egret, they do get to immerse themselves in th culinary customs and flavors of India. 

Everything we make is from scratch! Even the cheese for saag paneer ( spinach cooked with homemade cheese and seasoned with herbs). 

Chefs use two traditional tandoori ovens to perfection Glowing Coals in the oven's bottom cook skewered meat, while the sides of the oven act as a griddle to brown pancake-style like chapati, garlic naan and aloo paratha, pastry stuffed with potato, peas and spices. 

North Indian cuisine is also known for its curries, lentil-laden dishes and raita ---- fresh homemade yogurt with cucumber and herbs, each found on the extensive menu. Vegetarian options include bengan bharta--tandoori-roasted eggplant, daal makhani -- lentils delicately seasoned and chana masala--- chickpeas in a spiced sauce. Add shrimp, lamb or chicken to create an even heartier meal. 

There are too many local favorites to list, so customers new to FlavorofIndia will have to discover their own. Sample a few by choosing one of many combination entrees. Better yet, try the lunch buffet or go a la carte and return again and again.